What is Tai Chi?

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What is Tai Chi?

This “Chinese” system of martial arts is composed of the “active hand”, a spear shaped stick with the end of the spear protruding forward to grab.  This is known as the T-Setter.  If the end of the spear hits the wall, then that is the signal that Tai Chi should begin.  In Tai Chi, hitting a wall is not a bad thing, since it is said that it will help prevent injuries to the body, as the wall may protect the vital organs.  

Tai Chi Taiji Taijiquan  - MichaelRaab / Pixabay

Tai Chi has existed for several centuries, but it did not come to America until the early 1900’s.  Today Tai Chi is practiced as an international art, and it is very popular in Asia.

Is tai chi a martial art? 

It is…if your thinking is like mine.  I found out quite by accident.  I hadn’t even realized that tai chi was even a martial art until I was asked at an early seminar.  You ask a question in the class and everyone else answers.  The person who asks the question then asks the next person to answer.  

The entire time you’re listening to them begrudgingly trying to find out the right answer.  You get the sense that everyone is just nodding or agreeing with each other.  And then someone says something that’s just soooooo important that it immediately defies all the other answers you got so far! 

Is tai chi a religion? Well, no. But it is related to the belief in the Tao that is also called Zen Buddhism, or T’ai Chi Ch’uan, in French, and sometimes called Tai Chi Ch’uan or Chinese Tai Chi. This was the belief in the Tao of the emperor from whom the dynasty took its name. Here are some facts to demonstrate it.

It is impossible to practice T’ai Chi without having the Tao of Taoism. Why? Because of the extreme need of self-discipline and discipline of spirit, spiritual practice and total obedience to an order to do it, which includes upholding the principles of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, every step of the way.

Is tai chi a form of kung fu or a form of jiaolongji?

Kung fu is a fighting art. I use a lot of music, circus tricks, gait techniques, dance, tai chi and, of course, martial arts in my kung fu performances. As I’ve practiced, I’ve learned about what makes an effective martial arts performance, including free sparring and a style.

Kung Fu Martial Arts Pose Fighter  - sergeitokmakov / Pixabay

When I discovered kung fu I found that its importance outweighed its popularity in the western world. So I developed a special style of kung fu, based on my own unique experiences, as well as on elements from Chinese martial arts, and created a new form of kung fu.

Is tai chi exercise good for your waistline?

Absolutely. One of the most important things in exercise is the proper shape and flexibility of the body. The tai chi community is very tight-knit and not very loose-fitting. It’s sort of like playing tennis or doing taekwondo. Every time I do a good session, I learn more and have more energy because I don’t have that tight muscular structure anymore. And I am not so tight, either, so my posture is much better.

Is tai chi exercise beneficial?

It may be beneficial, but there are so many different styles of tai chi that you’ll probably find that you end up training a little bit for whatever technique you choose.

So for you, just do tai chi. There are many different styles of tai chi. It’s very easy to become really passionate about it and lose sight of what actually helps you get strong.

For us, if you walk up to a brand new client and say, “Here’s our program,” they’ll say, “What is it?” It’s very much one-size-fits-all, and that’s not what we want.

Is tai chi exercise?

The universal aura surrounding your head and hand displays your own chi. However, if you want to attract many people, it is advisable to work up your internal aura. This will reduce the amount of external noise.

Hence, it is very important for developing strong internal aura that, especially when using tai chi exercise, you avoid sudden changes of speed. For example, you will not want to start tai chi exercise and when you perform a series of motions, you should continue to get up and stop. Or else you could get injured!

Do I need to master tai chi?

A high level of chi chuan is essential, but it is not enough.

Is tai chi exercise done to release spiritual energy? Isn’t that meant to advance physical fitness? Aren’t tai chi and yoga a bit different in that respect?

No, these are different techniques.

Tai chi is a chi-mock exercise with a focus on one-minute and twenty-second rest periods. Yoga is a flow state exercise where you practice each poses, particularly those that have to do with maintaining an upright posture or “bending over,” over and over.

You can also train to better synchronise your breathing. You can develop a clear and coherent breathing pattern when you practise this. You can also practice tai chi tai chi, or full-moon tai chi. Yoga uses extreme concentration on a single pose, so this particular type of tai chi is far from yoga. As tai chi and yoga differ in focus, as well as in style and technique, you may find that one or the other is best suited to your own ability and your needs.

All activities have both good and bad parts, and everyone’s personal style should be developed from the start. 

Both tai chi and yoga are forms of body building and they share many parallels in their training. However, the two are very different in training, philosophy, methods and techniques.

Just as the core focus of tai chi is to maintain perfect body balance, the focus of yoga is to achieve greater health, well-being, and vitality through the practice of poses and breathing exercises.

Benefits of tai chi

  • Tai chi aims to maintain perfect body balance as part of the practice.
  • The benefits of tai chi are primarily physical but can also include:
  • Improved cardiovascular health (through blood flow)
  • Improved coordination and coordination
  • Improved balance and stability

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